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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - part #50
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(03/15/08) I got back to it last night and was able to get the flywheel installed, the clutch disc in place with the alignment tool, and finally the pressure plate on. Everything lined up pretty good and getting the bell housing to mate up took a little doing, but all in all went together pretty smoothly.
I then stabbed it between the frame rails and got everything to line up good and then tightened everything down. I still have to get the transfer case in and try the drive shafts out, but all in all, we are finally looking good. I have to clean up the garage a bit as it is a wreck from all the work I have been doing out there, but unfortunately it has snowed and I have to go take care of that!

cb (03/15/08)
(03/16/08) I received a package in the mail today and it was the power steering pulley replacement that I had been waiting for. I cleaned it up and painted it afterwards. I then put it on later in the day.
While I was waiting for paint to dry, I re-installed the transfer case, I then put the drive shafts in place to see how the new sizes worked out and then I moved onto putting the inspection plate in place.
I moved onto the intake manifold disassembly and clean up next and that is where I pretty much ended up. As I said, I had installed the power steering pump pulley and tried out the belt as well to make sure it all fit together and it did. When I was all said and done, I snapped a few pictures of all the extra parts I had hanging around and put them up for sale on the forums. Maybe we will make a few bucks, who knows.

cb (03/16/08)
(03/17/08) I was able to get some chains for the tub and hoist it with the cherry picker into place to try out the shifters and measure for the tunnel cover. What I wasn't expecting was the noticeable angle of the engine. I have to post up some questions on this as I know it was going to tilt back, but now I have to see how far back is too much...

cb (03/17/08)
(03/19/08) There comes a time in every project when you have worked and worked and finally it all sort of starts to come together. Last night was that moment. All the searching, all the calls, all the driving, all came together last night when my neighbor came over and gave me a hand putting the windshield in place with the scrambler 1/2 cab.

I had to do a few things clean up wise on some parts and I measured some droop on the drive shafts, but mostly I was trying to do some fitment to see how everything lined up. 1995 body, 84 1/2 cab, 87 windshield and 83 bulkhead with some 78 doors... that is a nice combo and it all seems to do the trick. Oh yeah, the roll bar is a 77.

cb (03/19/08)
(03/20/08) I was out cleaning snow again... I mean really, why does it mock me so? I can't wait until this month is over, we have our annual blizzard in April and we move onto slightly warmer, less snowy days. I don't like the heat, but this is getting to be not so comical anymore.

After the entire cleanup, I went to town drilling holes and lining up the cab. I was able to get things pretty well set. The passenger side is fine; the driver's door still needs some adjustment. The 1/2 cab might be a little tweaked, not sure. The measurements look OK, but it seems to be slightly off in one area. Nothing that a little tweaking can't fix, just have to drill a few more holes and get a few more screws in place, but it should be done tonight. I am still trying to find a replacement set of strikers as well.

cb (03/20/08)
(03/21/08) I didn't have much time, but I did have enough to do some drilling, some tapping, and some checking to see how everything will fit. More later when I get some time, but for now, I hope to be done by tomorrow with the top and fitment. It is just taking longer to drill and tap everything then I expected.

I forgot just how much room is in a CJ7 as I normally drive a CJ5. Put that together with the 1/2 cab idea and you really can push that all the way back without issue. I sat in it and was able to push my leg all the way to the floor on the clutch pedal and it was almost STRAIGHT! Never can do that in the 5!

cb (03/21/08)
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